Janne Irlandes' Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

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Pricing as of Marh 13, 2018


JMITW Community Massage Clinic: (Santa Ana, Manila)
Therapeutic Oil Massage            2HR PHP800
Remedial Rehabilitation Massage 1HR PHP400
Deep-Tissue (Hard with oil)        2HR PHP800
Twin Massage (2 Therapists)       1HR: PHP700 
Californian Massage (Esalen)      2HR PHP700
Elderly Soft Touch Massage        1HR PHP280
Swedish (Soft Relaxation)            1HR PHP350
Hot Stone Massage                     2HR PHP700
Japanese Shiatsu (Dry) Massage   2HR PHP800
Thai Yoga (Dry) Massage            2HR PHP800

Hotel/ Home Visit Sessions:
 (within 30km away Only, if beyond + 2way transportations)

Heating Basalt Stones Set PHP100
Heating Water Bags Set PHP100 per 30 Minutes
Ventosa Cupping PHP300 per 10 Minutes
Beeswax Ear Candling PHP200 per 30 Minutes


JMITW Community Massage Clinic: (Santa Ana, Manila) 
Full Body Scrub (30 Minutes)  PHP450
Face and Body Scrub 45 Minutes  PHP675
Full Body Scrub + Swedish Massage PHP750
Allover Body Scrub +  Combo Massage PHP950

Hotel/ Home Visit Sessions:
 (within 30km away Only, if beyond + 2way transportations)


JMITW Community Massage Clinic: (Santa Ana, Manila)
Acupressure (Tui Na Massage) / Cupping
Initial Visit 45 minutes  PHP600
Follow-up Visit 30 Minutes PHP400

Initial Visit 75 Minutes PHP800 + Disposable Needles [email protected]
Follow-up Visit 60Mins PHP400 + Disposable Needles [email protected]

Hotel or Home Visit Sessions: 
*Within 30km away PRICE x 1.88 from Sta. Ana, Manila
*Above 30Km PRICE x 1.88 plus 2way Transportation

Body Acupuncture (Front or Back) 20mins 
Whole Body (Front & Back & Ear) 40 Minutes 
Ear Detoxification Therapy 20 Minutes 
Facial Acupuncture 20 Minutes + PHP100
Scalp Acupuncture 60 Minutes

Chinese Reflexology 30 minutes PHP400
Moxibustion PHP100 per stick
Guasha PHP150 per 15 minutes
Heating Water Bags Set PHP100 per 10 Minutes